At their annual volunteer appreciation banquet last month at the Oceanside Country Club, Volusia Flagler SCORE Chapter 87 announced that they had won the Platinum Leadership Award for second year in a row.  This award is the highest recognition that a SCORE Chapter can achieve. It is given to chapters that have made exceptional contributions to SCORE, and rarely awarded two years in a row.  

Volunteer tenure awards were also presented at the banquet. William Brown and Pam Brown each received a service award for 10 years, and Dave Dobel received a five-year award.

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business: is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide. Visit score87.orgfor more information. 

PICTURED: Gene Baldrate, Dave Ferguson, Jim Greear, Rod Sandel, Dave Dobel, George Lieb, Lillian Conrad, Tom Hellman, Dave Singleton, Jack Phifer, Bill Brown, Casey McCarthy, Sue Couslin, Jean Barthelemy, Roger Leverton, John Higgins, Emily Higgins, Tony Flores, Rosalie Kalman, Pam Brown and Debbie Lashinsky. 

Volusia Flagler SCORE Chapter 87 Wins Platinum Leadership Award For Second Year In A Row