Changing the services allowed Atlanic Property Maintenace to succeed in spite of the poor economy.

My successes. 

Joseph Sepe had a problem.  His Palm Coast company  was providing landscaping and janitorial services to homes and small businesses and it was losing customers due to cutbacks resulting from the bad economy.  Expenses had been cut to the bone but it was still very difficult to see how he could keep his company going. 

Joseph decided to seek the assistance of the SCORE Chapter in Palm Coast in early 2009 and met with Roger Leverton, Branch Manager and one of his counselors, Ken Harple.  They did an analysis of the services he provided and together they realized that he had far more to offer than just landscaping and janitorial services.  In fact, he was effectively able to offer a one-stop/one-call building maintenance service. 

We printed up new business cards and flyers and set up a website .  They helped me realize that there was a new opportunity to work with local banks to fix up their repossessed mortgage properties and keep them properly maintained on an on-going basis.”  Roger and his counselor  pointed out that this same kind of service could be offered to local Property Managers and Realtors both in the Residential and Commercial markets.  This opened up a whole new opportunity for us. We now run 3 divisions Landscape, Janitorial and Construction Services which is more of a building maintenance division. We have been marketing these services and it has really become a strong side of our business.  Roger and the SCORE Organization have really been a valuable asset to my company”.

So far Atlantic Property Maintenance has grown from 2 employees to 5 and the future looks promising for further growth.  We are happy that we were able to assist Joseph and wish him nothing but continued success and rewards for his hard work and willingness to make changes as they are required.

How SCORE helped. 

According to  Joseph, “Based on Roger and Ken’s review and recommendations we changed the name of my company to reflect the wide range of services we were able to provide. 

Key Topics

SCORE Mentor Advices Atlantic Property Maintenance Towards Success