Women Entrepreneurship: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking the Rules February 25, 2022, 12:00pm EST February 25, 2022, 1:00pm EST
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Being an entrepreneur is no mean feat regardless of gender, but being a woman potentially makes the journey to owning a successful and sustainable business even more difficult. Join Deanna Hinsz, of CarbonSilk, as she discusses: Being a woman in a man's world, how we are all wired differently, recognizing our strengths as a woman and how to break the traditional rules and break boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

• How men and women are represented in the business world individually
• The psychological characteristics of women in business
• How men are psychological wired in business
• What we can learn from each other
• How to use those differences to create powerful results in business

About Our Presenter: Deanna Hinsz

Deanna Hinsz is a digital marketing strategist and seasoned entrepreneur with over 10
years of brand positioning and digital marketing experience across startup, nonprofit, public,
and private sectors. She understood social media’s power and was an early adopter almost
Deanna decided to leave her corporate job as a single mom in 2010 to launch an at-home
business. A year later, she quickly gained national recognition and was awarded Top Moms
in Business by StartupNation and Discover Card. a contest among companies in the United
States that evaluates business structure, digital marketing, and influence.
Deanna is currently the Founder and CEO of CarbonSilk, a full-service digital marketing
agency. As a national speaker, Deanna uses her background in psychology and experience
in small business development to teach others how to create a successful digital marketing
strategy and grow their business.

Women Entrepreneurship: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking the Rules