Anton Babushkin says that part of the reason he became a therapist is that he struggled with mental health challenges in college: “I ... wish I had known then that a trained professional can really help me get my life back on track.” Babushkin’s struggles inspired him to “help other people live more contented, fulfilling lives.”

After working with adults and children with emotional health challenges for a decade, Babushkin started his own mental health clinic, Troy Psychotherapy. “My company is focused on making sure more high-quality clinicians are available to help people in our community,” says Babushkin.

My Successes: 

Troy Psychotherapy was named an American Small Business Championship finalist in 2018, and Babushkin has expanded his business to include a second location.

How SCORE Helped: 

Several SCORE mentors helped Babushkin open a second location for his business in downtown Detroit. Babushkin says that, since working with SCORE, his accounts receivable have significantly improved. “My therapists are doing a much better job collecting on money owed for services rendered,” he says. “I could not have accomplished these goals without the help of SCORE.”

Babushkin advises other small business owners to know their strengths and weaknesses. “I try to set up my schedule where most of my time is spent on skills in which I excel. For other important aspects of my business I hire employees and consult with experienced professionals, such as my mentors at SCORE,” Babushkin says.

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